Widnes Ice Skating Club 1 Competition - Sunday 24.04.16

Digital Images on Sale. £4.00 each, 3 for £10.00, 5 for £12.00 or

£15.00 for all digi images of each skater. Simple paypal payment and images emailed for download same day. Prints also available.

Contact:- geoff phone 07732-388416

CHK_7191 WISC1 CHK_7199 WISC2 CHK_7206 WISC3 CHK_7212 WISC4 CHK_7231 WISC5 CHK_7257 WISC6 CHK_7273 WISC7 CHK_7298 WISC8a CHK_7285 WISC8b CHK_7315 WISC9